My accent.

This is a standing subject when we meet new people. (There's only been ONE person that've guessed me being from Scandinavia (an Irish guy named Johnny -probably the only reson to why I remember him at all)).

The first time I met Mr Alpha, in the kitchen (day 1 in Perth), I said: "Hi. Who are you? Are you from a german, like everyone else?".
"No, I'm from England" he answered.
"Okay" I said and walked to the fridge.
He came after me and asked me if I was from England aswell. WHAT? ME?
"No. Why'd you think that? I'm from Sweden" I said.
"You've got like this FAT brittish accent!".
That was the best compliment that day!

I thought my brittish was going to be replaced quite quickly by an Aussie-mix, but the taxidriver that took us to the airport the day before yesterday asked us: "where are you from".
And 10 min later: "Where did you say you were from?".
"But you are not born in Sweden" he said and pointed at me.
"Yes I am. Why?"
"You sound like your were born on my street. London, that is.".
I looked at Andri and laughed. "Everyone says that" she said.

Of course I like it and think its a huge compliment everytime someone says it! :D

BUT... its not always in my favor!
People sometimes thinks Im better than I acctually am, and looks at me like Im stupid when I say "what?/sorry?/what did you say?" for the third time in ten seconds.

And I almost got into trouble at the bank when I went to pick up my VISA-card. When the bank-lady was about to hand me my passport and my VISA, she hesitated...
”thats a swedish passport”
“but you’re not Swedish”
“huh? Well, yes I am”
“but you’re from England?”
“no sorry, Sweden”
“but you do not have a Swedish accent. You have a brittish accent”
“oh yes, i get that a lot”
“its how we pronounce the vowels”
WE? Haha!
“That's a swedish passport” she said and seemed to study me.
“Yes, I know” I said.
“But you’re not Swedish” she said.
“Huh? Well, yes I am” I said.
“But you’re from England?”
“No sorry Sweden”
“But you live in England?”
“But you do not have a Swedish accent. You have a brittish accent”
“Oooooh... Yes, I get that a lot”
“How is that?”
“Well, I spent three months in England five years ago”.
“Yes. It sort of got stuck. I guess I'm like an accent-sponge”
She gave me a couple of more questions before she finally seemed convinced and handed me my passport and VISA-card. Peuh!
Then she said: “Its how we pronounce the vowels”. WE? The woman was from England herself!

Bye Perth! Hi Bali!

The last days in Perth went by in a snap, and now we're here at an island we're a burger costs 17'000 and the humidity is like in a greenhouse. I'm sick as a dog (catched a cold two days ago, damn!), we both miss Perth a lot and feel a bit lost here. This is a medium day. Accepted.

But my plan is to feel down, be sick and rest today and wake up healthy and bubbly tomorrow morning. Ready to explore this pretty island.

Change of plans

Us leaving for Bali on thursday still stands, but we're not gonna go to Adelaide Hills anymore.
Where we'll end up is a mystery, but we're working on it :)

The Margaret River-weekend ended early... Our group got kicked out from the camping sight 'cause of reasons including: speeding drunk and stoned on the camping area, making to much noice etc. Idiots! (Andri and I stayed sober and went to bed early on frid, to get up and see the competition).
But we got to see the comp and we went clubbing in Perth in the evening instead.

Plans for today is to hang out with mr Alpha at his place. God, I'm gonna miss him, Pat and Charlie so frekking much it's not even funny!! Like Pat said "you've gotta get used to that.. saying good bye to people". YOU can get used to that. I don't want to!!!

The adventure continues..

A special evening

Yesterday started off at the bottom, mood-wise, but ended at the top.
Best Charlie cheered me up and brought me back to life with a movie, cuddles, chocolate and great company :D Enough so I could drag my sorry ass downtown to meet up with a friend...

That was the beginning of a very special evening. Even though I was dressed like a backpacker and forgot what prawns are, those hours are forever stuck in my long term memory :)

It never too late to change. Everything is possible. Enjoy life, it's what you make of it! Let mistakes and bad experiences shape you into a better person. Believe in yourself and other people.
I believe in you!

/Winky the gymbunnydonkey


Thank you for cheering me up, feeding me, hugging me, annoying me and just being you, buddy!

Telstra Drug Aware Pro 2012 in Margaret River!

Update comes later :)
Now Andri and I are off to Margaret River and Telstra Drug Aware Pro 2012.
Take care! Remember to hug eachother and drink a lot of water!

The sun shines even on the crappies of days!

Monday 19/3 19:02

Woke up from a nightmare about a guy that was murdering four female finalist at some competition. I wasnt one of the girls, but I was in the middle of everything. Horrible! You know that feeling when you wake up like that?! That feeling just wouldnt let go..

I got up and went to get some breakfast --- the milk had gone bad! #$@%$%&$^%&

I went to the gym, but after 1 hour Pilates (first time. it was ok), some PW and some running I simply gave up..

Swung by Mr Alpha where he was working. Some way he made me laugh and then it started going the right way.. Andri called just as we were about to say goodbye. She had her lunchbreak, so I went there. A chat, multilpe hugs, a coke and some money to buy ham, life started to feel good again :D

Madre mia!

What a night...

It started of with a barbeque. Andri had to work until 23:00, poor thing :( So it was just me, seven guys, delicious food in a nice house with a pool and pool table. I had a great time -even though I lost playing pool. Blö!

About 23:30 I took a cab to meet up with Andri... And theeeeen... Oh Boy!
Two crazy leprechauns running around town, like on speed, the whole night.

I was still laughing this morning and got the question "seriously, what are you on?" from Mr Alpha when I giggled whilst preparing breakfast ^^

(And by the way.. I won! 5-2,5! Wohoo)

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

Fredag 16/3 14:15

Body Combat... The instructor was a total maniac -and scary- but I sure feel my shoulders today so it was a good class! And -apart from the 10 min of Yoga (don't like yoga)- I really liked Body Balance (Esp. Tai Chi!!!). It was a nice cool down after the Body Combat.
Today it's ZUMBA-time! :D
(I just wanna declare something: People here asks me daily why I go to the gym. It's not to loose weight! Nope. Nix. Nej. It's simple because it makes me feel good. It keeps up my stamina and prevents my knees, feet and my shoulder from hurting. -That's why :D)

After the gym yesterday, Gareth (the-alpha-wannabe ^^) took me out for pizza and chocolate lavacake in the park by the big screen. Yum yum yuuuum!!! The stuff they were showing on the screen was.. well, strange is an understatement... but I had great fun :) Thanks mate!

Unfortunately the sleepover was postponed (Andris fault! :P), but Alex (the workpal) came around the hostel instead so we got to hang out anyway. And maybe maybe we're gonna become roomies next week, which would mean a sleepover every night, so no worries! B-)

It's been decided: The blond swedes are leaving Perth! The plan now is to visit Margarets River 23-25th of March, spend one week on Bali and then head of to Adelaide to do some hard work at a farm for a couple of months :)
Andri's feeling a bit torn about that, cause she's been here for 3 months and almost made a life here, but just like Pat said the other day: "you've gotta get used to that - leaving people". It's true, of course, but it still made me sad when he said it :/ Some of them I just wanna put in my pocket and take with me.

Now I'm heading of to the bank to get my debitcard and give them my taxfile number. Have a lovely day! :D

One swede and one sleezy kiwi-german

The sleezy German found me!!! Heeeeeelp! At least the moustache is gone now!

(Kiwi=Someone from New Zeeland)

Torsdag 15/3

Åtta dagar här :) dagarna flyter på i sakta alldeles för snabba mak.

(läs inte det här stycket, mamma! :P)

Hade den värsta fyllan i mitt liv i förrgår och den värsta baksmällan igår. Det började med en deal med Pat som innebar att jag skulle svepa ett stort glas goon (goon=lådvin, för er som inte vet). Lyckades jag skulle jag få $5. Misslyckades jag skulle han få en kyss. Självklart klarade jag det!! (Jag är inte 0,5-öl-på-en-kväll-maria för att jag inte KAN dricka). Men ett glas blev snabbt fler....
Lite vaga perioder i minnet, which is a first. Mest var det en reminder till varför jag inte dricker så mycket.
(här kan du läsa igen, mamma! ;D)
Men det var en rolig kväll, speciellt som att jag fick dansa!!!! :D Under lunchen samma dag träffade jag en Irländare som visade sig vara en dansare i ballroom, discofox och breakdance. Så vi drog några turer. WOHOO! Hur. Kul. Som. Helst!!

Ikväll ska jag och gullpruttan sova över hos en av hennes jobbarkompisar. Vi ska ta med oss blåbär så jag kan göra amerikanska pannkakor. Ska bli skönt att få sova i en riktig säng och laga mat i ett riktigt kök.

Nu är klockan långt över lunch (14:30) och magen kurrar. Lagade nudlar med kyckling, babymajs, morötter, brocolli, ärtor och sweetchili igår så det räckt för ett halvt kompani. Namnamnam! Skönt, för då slipper jag laga idag! :D

Efter maten ska jag sätta mig i solen och läsa (lite alone-time är nödvändigt när man bor på hostel). Sen blir det ett dubbelpass på gymmetBody Combat och Body Balance. Nytt för mig, så får se vad jag tycker..
Jag tränar på gymmet i Perth - Fitness First. Svindyrt, men värt det då jag måste kanalisera min dansenergi och även Få energi. Även skönt att duscha i rena, fräscha duschar som inte tar slut på varmvatten ^^
(Jag har till och med försökt mig på att springa lite efter något pass. (Vad hände där? Jag hatar ju att springa!) och 1 km verkar både fot och knäna fixa i ett sträck (1,5 km var för mycket :/) Wihuu!! :))

Gud, jag babblar om ingenting! Näringsbrist! ;)

En sväng förbi James St och heja på Mr Alfa-Wannabe innan maten. Hej så länge! <3 <3 <3

I'm here!!!!

Monday at noon. That means my fifth day.. Five days of total freedom!

It was a jumping and crying Andriette that met me at the airport. Best Welcome ever!
With her she had a sign that said "Maria äntligen är du här" <3 <3 <3 and a friend named Taz (from Tazmania (how fun is that? ^^)). 

We drove to the hostel and got me settled in. A took me around the hostel to introduce me to everyone we could find. After a visit to a pay-if-you-like-the-food-restaurant, followed by countless new faces and an evening of just hanging out, we went to bed. I got the TOP BUNK!!!! SHIIIIT! I'm a "climber", so I didn't sleep too hard that night. (Now Ive solved the problem by tying a rope over my bed that hopefully will wake me up if I'd try to climb out. Haha. Well, it's worked so far.. ^^).

The absence of dancing drove me nuts the first day, so I went and bought the most expensive ****ing gymcard in history. 5 min into the first Zumba-hour I felt this huge smile on my face. Wonderful!! Afterwards I did some running (ME!! RUNNING!!!!!!!), some situps and stretching, followed by a shower in a cleeeaaan shower room.
It was SO worth it!!!!!
It was a happy happy girl that bought some fruit and walked back to the hostel in the sun. Mmmm!!!!

The life in the hostel is SO different from everything at home. Everything from the standard, to the people and way of living. It's filthy, simple, messy, people drinking and smoking everywhere. But I love it!! <3
I think my brittish accent is changing. Yesterday was the first time someone guessed that I'm from Scandinavia. So far it's been "hey, where 'you from? You've got this fat brittish acc". A couple acctually guessed UK. HAHA! But I'm like a accent-sponge so maybe I just catched Andris accent after spending the whole day with here yesterday ^^
Yesterday A and I went to Freemantle market and bought a bag of fruit and veggies each (that kinda expensive here). Afterwards we went to the beach with Taz, Garrett, Pat, Johnny and Natalie (really really nice guys!) and it took me no more than 15 sec from when I put my bag down in the sand until I was in t he water!!! Oh boy!
Like the day couldn't have been better.. we made a Subway-stop on way back. Honey Oat-bread, Chicken Teriyaki with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cheese and sweet onion. Oh. My. Good! A little piece of heaven :D

So far I havn't even tried to get a job and I think I'll skip that part these two-three weeks. The plan is to go to Bali at the end of March and then go to Adelaide to do some farm work for a couple of months -which will mean work work work work.

Oh boy, I've written enough! Gotta do some banking and then get me some lunch before I die!!!

Take care, my friends! <3

Less talk, more action!

It's not much, but at moment it's "home" and I love it!
Allt blir vad man gör det till!
Life becomes what you make of it!

Nu landar jag!

Tjena Perth!!
Stel som en kärring, rufsig som en fågelskrämma och med en knappt talför kokosboll-hjärna. Men förväntansfull och glad att vara framme och välbehållen efter ett dygns resande! Nu kommer jag Andri, din skitunge! <3

Simma lugnt!

Mellanlandning nr 2

En liten vink fran Singapore medan jag vantar pa att min nasta flight ska dyka upp pa den stora tavlan :)

Arlanda - Kopenhamn var kort (1 h) och ospannande (sov tills vi slog i landningsbanan).

Den 13 h langa flygturen hit till Singapore var desto trevligare -Faktiskt den mest trivsamma flygturen nagonsin! Stort plan, hogt i tak, stora saten, frascht och en utmarkt service som inleddes med en treratterslunch som varje passagerare fick valja fran en meny. Sedan passades det upp med obegransad mangd dryck (juice, lask, vatten, alkohol, kaffe osv), snacks, mackor, frukt innan frukosten emot flygningens slut. Matglad som man ar passade man saklart pa. (men bast av allt var nog den ovantade franvaron (sa gott som iaf) av den vanliga flygsjukan).

Sa nu sager jag godmorgon och rullar vidare till min gate! 3 timmars vanta innan min sista flight :)
Saaa... om 8-9 timmar ar jag framme! I see the light!

Puss fran ett morgonmorkt Singapore (kl: ~06:30)! <3

En ovanlig vanlig tisdag...

På många sätt är detta en helt vanlig dag, en helt vanlig tisdag...
Många av er är på jobbet eller i skolan. Ni har ätit er frukost, gått ut genom dörren och vet på ett ungefär hur dagen kommer att se ut. Kanske även veckan också. Med andra ord: Idag är en dag som, inom kort, inte ens kommer att kommas ihåg av många av er.

För mig är detta en mycket annorlunda dag. En dag jag väntat på -och senaste veckan även varit väldigt spänd inför- och jag har själv ingen aning om hur mycket denna dag kommer förändra mitt liv. Just i denna stund, 09:15, startar nämligen flight SQ2703 från Arlanda Airport. Med mig ombord.
Och jag har ingen returbiljett...

All min kärlek till Er, nära och kära. Familj, nära vänner, kompisar, bekanta och svårdefinierade... NI som på ett eller annat sätt hittills förgyllt de miljardtals goda stunder i mitt liv <3
(Till er mindre vänliga varelser: **** you! Hoppas ni bränner vid all mat, varje dag, att ni aldrig lyckas somna på kvällarna, alltid kommer komma försent och blir så feta att ni behöver en soffa för er själv på bio (-said with love. Of course..))

Kom ihåg: -Kramas mera!!! <3

Something has changed within me
Something is not the same
I'm through with playing by the rules
Of someone else's game
Too late for second-guessing
Too late to go back to sleep
It's time to trust my instincts
Close my eyes: and leap!

I'm through accepting limits
'cause someone says they're so
Some things I cannot change
But till I try, I'll never know!
Too long I've been afraid of
Losing love I guess I've lost
Well, if that's love
It comes at much too high a cost!
I'd sooner buy Defying gravity
Kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity
And you can't pull me down:

So if you care to find me
Look to the western sky!
As someone told me lately:
"Ev'ryone deserves the chance to fly!"
And if I'm flying solo
At least I'm flying free


I ett av helgens svaga ögonblick råkade jag inte bara säga att jag smygfilmats under torsdagens bugg, utan lovade att jag skulle visa en snutt. Pga tidsbrist måste jag slänga upp den här.
För min egen självkänslas skull vill jag tala om att detta var på trötta fötter, omkring kl 22:30 efter ett par timmars dans och att jag inte dansat så länge. (Så, då fick jag det sagt ;D). Men även om det varit sju (alldeles för korta) veckor, har det varit sju tokroliga veckor! Dance people!!! Det är ALDRIG för sent att börja! :)

Och Micke är duktig som vanligt! :D

Sista dagen hemma

Det är sista dagen...
Jag har sovit sista hela natten i min säng, sagt hej då till nära och kära, lunchat och middag:at mer än någonsin, varit på bio, dansat sista dansen på klubben, ska äta sista lunchen med familjen samlad, varit på massage, växlat pengar, fått vaccin, köpt biljett, fixat visum, betalat räkningar i förskott, inhandlat all diverse lättviktspackningsgrejer, skrivit upp adresser och födelsedagar, rensat datorn, packat ihop rummet, fått intyg för mediciner och hängt in mina nycklar i föräldrarnas nyckelskåp.

Det är med skräckblandad förtjusning jag ser dagens timmar gå en efter en...

I och med detta har bloggen nu vaknat från de döda :)

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