My accent.

This is a standing subject when we meet new people. (There's only been ONE person that've guessed me being from Scandinavia (an Irish guy named Johnny -probably the only reson to why I remember him at all)).

The first time I met Mr Alpha, in the kitchen (day 1 in Perth), I said: "Hi. Who are you? Are you from a german, like everyone else?".
"No, I'm from England" he answered.
"Okay" I said and walked to the fridge.
He came after me and asked me if I was from England aswell. WHAT? ME?
"No. Why'd you think that? I'm from Sweden" I said.
"You've got like this FAT brittish accent!".
That was the best compliment that day!

I thought my brittish was going to be replaced quite quickly by an Aussie-mix, but the taxidriver that took us to the airport the day before yesterday asked us: "where are you from".
And 10 min later: "Where did you say you were from?".
"But you are not born in Sweden" he said and pointed at me.
"Yes I am. Why?"
"You sound like your were born on my street. London, that is.".
I looked at Andri and laughed. "Everyone says that" she said.

Of course I like it and think its a huge compliment everytime someone says it! :D

BUT... its not always in my favor!
People sometimes thinks Im better than I acctually am, and looks at me like Im stupid when I say "what?/sorry?/what did you say?" for the third time in ten seconds.

And I almost got into trouble at the bank when I went to pick up my VISA-card. When the bank-lady was about to hand me my passport and my VISA, she hesitated...
”thats a swedish passport”
“but you’re not Swedish”
“huh? Well, yes I am”
“but you’re from England?”
“no sorry, Sweden”
“but you do not have a Swedish accent. You have a brittish accent”
“oh yes, i get that a lot”
“its how we pronounce the vowels”
WE? Haha!
“That's a swedish passport” she said and seemed to study me.
“Yes, I know” I said.
“But you’re not Swedish” she said.
“Huh? Well, yes I am” I said.
“But you’re from England?”
“No sorry Sweden”
“But you live in England?”
“But you do not have a Swedish accent. You have a brittish accent”
“Oooooh... Yes, I get that a lot”
“How is that?”
“Well, I spent three months in England five years ago”.
“Yes. It sort of got stuck. I guess I'm like an accent-sponge”
She gave me a couple of more questions before she finally seemed convinced and handed me my passport and VISA-card. Peuh!
Then she said: “Its how we pronounce the vowels”. WE? The woman was from England herself!

Postat av: Cliff Torrez

Regardless of whether or not you have a British accent-which I assure you, you do not-your English sucks. Shouldn't sounding Swedish be a compliment? I mean, that's where you're from. Here's what you really are ... A girl who lived in the UK for a couple of minutes and took a few English classes from teachers with British accents. I hope your faux accent is better than your writing because this blog looks like it was written by a dyslexic toddler.

Sidenote:Bragging while trying not to sound like you're bragging makes you sound like someone who is farting while trying not to fart. Like high-pitched shit.

2012-04-04 @ 05:29:20
Postat av: Karl XII

Harsh and unjustified, what has she ever done to you?

Let the girl be happy and go cyberstalk someone else.

2012-04-07 @ 03:33:39
Postat av: Maria

WOWSI WOWSA! Saw this now...

Next time, have the guts to come forward with who you are, will you? So I can thank you for your highly interesting inputs.

Of course I'm bragging... MY BLOG! If you find that disturbing, read the paper insted. I assure you that it's completely high-pitched-toddler-shit-free!

Thanks J! :)

2012-06-14 @ 11:09:08

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