Mitch and Andy!


Ive got some complaints for not updating my blogg properly. Big sorry for that!!

So, what's happened since last???

The spontanous trip to Bali -that was supposed to be for just one week- lasted for five weeks. One week in Kuta and A Month on lovely Gili Islands. Four madly crazy weeks!! -both good and bad.
We're gonna go back as soon as we possibly can, that's for sure!!
After our Open Water Certificate, we did Advanced Adventurer Divers aswell (Andriette too! So proud!); deep dive, night dive, navigation etc. So after 15 years of longing and waiting, I've finally got my certificates! I've always enjoyed being below the surface more than swimming -something Ive been reminded of throughout the years by my mother, who've always liked telling people that I looked like a periscope when I swam with my head over the surface, but like a fish when I was under the surface.

But eveything eventually comes to an end...

We went back and spent a few days in Perth, just to say hi to some friends -and being Winky for a few days <3 Then Andriette needed to start her farmwork for her 2nd year visa. I wanna be with her, soooo... we took a job in a small town called Kalbarri. And that's where we are now :)

So far everything is great. We live in a nice two bedroom house, just her and I, and working on a chicken farm and at a restaurant/cafe.
After the month on Gili we're acctually enjoying the peace and quite here, but I guess that's not gonna last forever (read: for five more days). We've got a birthday party coming up on saturday -- a dress up (maskerad) party!
Any suggestions?

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