Bye Kalbarri!

"Where are you going to?" the bus driver asked.
"Uuhm.... something that starts with a K. The end destination of this bus..."
"YES! That's it. I think..."
On that day, 9th of May, we didn't even know what the town was called. All we knew was that it was in the middle of nowhere, the home of 2000 people, really beautiful and that we were gonna work at a chicken farm for three months.
I could never have imagined...
The town, the way of life and the people mesmerized us. Three months farm work turned in to almost half a year. 5,5 months --> 23,5 weeks --> 164 days.
All the laughs. All the tears. All the experiences. All the wake-up-calls. All the love. All the things I discovered about myself I didn't know. All the wonderful people. -and the ones... not so wonderful. All the amazing days. The house. The farm. One of the best birthdays ever. Going hunting. Pot Alley. Coloring. Movie nights. Quadbiking. Midsommar celebration. Nature's window. and, of course, our sweet and lovely pet Charlie.
I will forever remember Karlbarri, that for sure.
It's been a true experince that've taught me so much.
I've been lower than ever before, but I've also been up high. I fell in love. Yes, I did. And I see it as a good thing.. to be able to have that kind of feelings for someone. Someone that gave me more than I think he'll ever know.
But everything comes to an end, sometimes earlier and more abrupt than anticipated. Hand in hand with all the small town charm, comes some downsides. The talking. The story fabricating. The drama. The evil doing...
And everyone's got a limit.
When the last, unsainly pathetic, stunt was pulled... I made my decision. My boss tried to make me stay (bless him!), but I'd had enough. I was just over it. I wanna use my energy for fun, positive stuff.. things that brings myself and people around me up. Not down.
So I quit, got another job somewhere else, packed my bags, hugged my loved ones and got on the bus...
But every stage in your life contains both good and bad.. and even though some stuff wasn't as I would've wished them to be, I'm not gonna forget all you amazing people that brought me up, that put a smile on my face, that came for me even when I didn't ask for it, that made a new day worth remembering, that spread unconditional love.
I'm never gonna be the same person as when I stepped out of the bus that first day, 9/5.
Thank you! <3
SMILE!! It's a beautiful day! Life is beautiful and so are you! <3

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