Change of plans

Us leaving for Bali on thursday still stands, but we're not gonna go to Adelaide Hills anymore.
Where we'll end up is a mystery, but we're working on it :)

The Margaret River-weekend ended early... Our group got kicked out from the camping sight 'cause of reasons including: speeding drunk and stoned on the camping area, making to much noice etc. Idiots! (Andri and I stayed sober and went to bed early on frid, to get up and see the competition).
But we got to see the comp and we went clubbing in Perth in the evening instead.

Plans for today is to hang out with mr Alpha at his place. God, I'm gonna miss him, Pat and Charlie so frekking much it's not even funny!! Like Pat said "you've gotta get used to that.. saying good bye to people". YOU can get used to that. I don't want to!!!

The adventure continues..


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