Fredag 16/3 14:15

Body Combat... The instructor was a total maniac -and scary- but I sure feel my shoulders today so it was a good class! And -apart from the 10 min of Yoga (don't like yoga)- I really liked Body Balance (Esp. Tai Chi!!!). It was a nice cool down after the Body Combat.
Today it's ZUMBA-time! :D
(I just wanna declare something: People here asks me daily why I go to the gym. It's not to loose weight! Nope. Nix. Nej. It's simple because it makes me feel good. It keeps up my stamina and prevents my knees, feet and my shoulder from hurting. -That's why :D)

After the gym yesterday, Gareth (the-alpha-wannabe ^^) took me out for pizza and chocolate lavacake in the park by the big screen. Yum yum yuuuum!!! The stuff they were showing on the screen was.. well, strange is an understatement... but I had great fun :) Thanks mate!

Unfortunately the sleepover was postponed (Andris fault! :P), but Alex (the workpal) came around the hostel instead so we got to hang out anyway. And maybe maybe we're gonna become roomies next week, which would mean a sleepover every night, so no worries! B-)

It's been decided: The blond swedes are leaving Perth! The plan now is to visit Margarets River 23-25th of March, spend one week on Bali and then head of to Adelaide to do some hard work at a farm for a couple of months :)
Andri's feeling a bit torn about that, cause she's been here for 3 months and almost made a life here, but just like Pat said the other day: "you've gotta get used to that - leaving people". It's true, of course, but it still made me sad when he said it :/ Some of them I just wanna put in my pocket and take with me.

Now I'm heading of to the bank to get my debitcard and give them my taxfile number. Have a lovely day! :D


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