I'm here!!!!

Monday at noon. That means my fifth day.. Five days of total freedom!

It was a jumping and crying Andriette that met me at the airport. Best Welcome ever!
With her she had a sign that said "Maria äntligen är du här" <3 <3 <3 and a friend named Taz (from Tazmania (how fun is that? ^^)). 

We drove to the hostel and got me settled in. A took me around the hostel to introduce me to everyone we could find. After a visit to a pay-if-you-like-the-food-restaurant, followed by countless new faces and an evening of just hanging out, we went to bed. I got the TOP BUNK!!!! SHIIIIT! I'm a "climber", so I didn't sleep too hard that night. (Now Ive solved the problem by tying a rope over my bed that hopefully will wake me up if I'd try to climb out. Haha. Well, it's worked so far.. ^^).

The absence of dancing drove me nuts the first day, so I went and bought the most expensive ****ing gymcard in history. 5 min into the first Zumba-hour I felt this huge smile on my face. Wonderful!! Afterwards I did some running (ME!! RUNNING!!!!!!!), some situps and stretching, followed by a shower in a cleeeaaan shower room.
It was SO worth it!!!!!
It was a happy happy girl that bought some fruit and walked back to the hostel in the sun. Mmmm!!!!

The life in the hostel is SO different from everything at home. Everything from the standard, to the people and way of living. It's filthy, simple, messy, people drinking and smoking everywhere. But I love it!! <3
I think my brittish accent is changing. Yesterday was the first time someone guessed that I'm from Scandinavia. So far it's been "hey, where 'you from? You've got this fat brittish acc". A couple acctually guessed UK. HAHA! But I'm like a accent-sponge so maybe I just catched Andris accent after spending the whole day with here yesterday ^^
Yesterday A and I went to Freemantle market and bought a bag of fruit and veggies each (that kinda expensive here). Afterwards we went to the beach with Taz, Garrett, Pat, Johnny and Natalie (really really nice guys!) and it took me no more than 15 sec from when I put my bag down in the sand until I was in t he water!!! Oh boy!
Like the day couldn't have been better.. we made a Subway-stop on way back. Honey Oat-bread, Chicken Teriyaki with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cheese and sweet onion. Oh. My. Good! A little piece of heaven :D

So far I havn't even tried to get a job and I think I'll skip that part these two-three weeks. The plan is to go to Bali at the end of March and then go to Adelaide to do some farm work for a couple of months -which will mean work work work work.

Oh boy, I've written enough! Gotta do some banking and then get me some lunch before I die!!!

Take care, my friends! <3

Less talk, more action!

It's not much, but at moment it's "home" and I love it!
Allt blir vad man gör det till!
Life becomes what you make of it!

Postat av: Maria B

O, sötaste Maria! Gud va roligt att du kommit iväg. Jag är så sjukt avundsjuk så du förstår inte :) Ta hand om dig men ge järnet och roa dig ordentligt! Pussa på Aussie från mig!! "Maria 3"

2012-03-12 @ 11:30:08
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