The sun shines even on the crappies of days!

Monday 19/3 19:02

Woke up from a nightmare about a guy that was murdering four female finalist at some competition. I wasnt one of the girls, but I was in the middle of everything. Horrible! You know that feeling when you wake up like that?! That feeling just wouldnt let go..

I got up and went to get some breakfast --- the milk had gone bad! #$@%$%&$^%&

I went to the gym, but after 1 hour Pilates (first time. it was ok), some PW and some running I simply gave up..

Swung by Mr Alpha where he was working. Some way he made me laugh and then it started going the right way.. Andri called just as we were about to say goodbye. She had her lunchbreak, so I went there. A chat, multilpe hugs, a coke and some money to buy ham, life started to feel good again :D


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