Hangover from hell!!!

Jukebox night Saturday with Andri, Kate and Sam. A fun and a tad crazy night (that seems to be the case a lot lately?!?).

And like a lot of crazy days... Some of us didn’t feel tooooo good the day after. Ey, Ralphie? Haha! But those two who felt quite alright had a Bones-marathon and sugar rush 2.0! Kladdkaka (kind of like chocolate lava cake), ice cream, popcorn, M&M, nachos, dip and soda drinks. The-entire-day!!!!




...the day after –yesterday- I woke up with a headache that I swear tried to kill me!!!!! Sugar hangover like Ive never felt before!!!!!! I lived of painkillers the whole day, and it was first this morning that I could breathe without a head that threatened to explode…


Lesson learned? Yes.

Will I do it again? Yes.


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